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Brief History of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic reconstructive surgery begins in the 2000 BC. It was born as a need to solve punishment amputations in ancient civilizations. Among the favorite punishments of the Vedic era and the first kingdoms of India, it was the amputation of the nose and ears. Possibly this practice stimulated
the efforts to replace through surgery the lost parts.

Rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction of the amputated) and Cheiloplasty (reconstruction of lip) were the
first surgical procedures ever performed. The best precedent is in the “Sushruta Samhita” a collection of medical books written in India between 800 and 400 BC. of our era.

In India adultery was punished with the amputation of the nose. It was why Sushruta also called "Father of Ancient Plastic Surgery” one of the fathers of Indian medicine explains in his book the restoration of mutilated nose, like this:

"When a man's nose has been cut (as punishment) or destroyed (by illness or military conflict), the doctor must take the leaf of a plant in the size of the destroyed part, place it on the forehead or cheek
to cut a piece of skin the same size (but so that the skin remains attached by one end) to then place it on top of the lost nose, then attach it to the skin by the sides and proceed to make sure that once the skin is attached you can make the holes for breathing and then cut the connecting tissue that was once attached to the forehead.

Bangladeshi large black ants were used for suturing wounds; they were placed next to each other on the lips of the wound, until his jaws closed like clamps. Then, the bodies of ants were separate from their heads leaving the clamps closed shut. This means that the sutures were not made with a thread as it could decompose and cause infection. Instead, using living ants as clamps and then formic acid acting as an antiseptic.

Interventions with abdominal openings in the Western world have just recently been made from the nineteenth century onward.